City Fibre

Exhibition Stand Design & Build

In the summer of 2021, the UK’s largest and finest independent Full Fibre platform – CityFibre – approached us with an exciting project for an upcoming connectivity event in London. With a clear company ethos of sustainability, innovation and future development, we wanted to showcase this incredible company in the best possible light, giving them the right platform to drive their vision forwards and deeply connect with their target audience.

We set out to create an open plan and welcoming environment with plenty of space to share ideas, connect with prospects and discuss future partnerships. To achieve this, we created multiple meeting spaces with various functionalities to cater for the several different types of conversations that were had with delegates. Warm lighting, foliage and soft furnishings were also used to accentuate the positive atmosphere of the space.

A lockable private storage room for additional merchandise and personal items was also incorporated to maintain the clean open environment. This was wrapped in high quality, impactful graphics that align with the company ethos to attract further delegates to the space.

City Fibre were able to showcase their innovations is a very positive light to visitors, prospects and partners leading to a super return on investment and a very exciting future in the world of connectivity.

What Our Clients Say

You guys were really brilliant and the stand was a huge success. You made organising my first event of this scale a lot easier and even provided a delicious cake! Everyone is still going on about how great the stand was and it really is down to you guys for being great. I look forward to working with you on events in the future.
Emma Beaumont
I'm reaching out to you this morning to again say thank you for everything – you were definitely an awesome addition to the team. Thank you for taking care of the whole coffee machine as well. We will keep you in mind for sure as we do plan on doing some more shows out there – thanks!
Julie Robinson
Alex and Marni are my favourite people to work with (they didn't even pay me to say that). They have worked with Braintree/PayPal for a long time and know the brand very well. I can leave them to their own devices because I know they are going to produce an awesome stand, which more often than not is the envy of other businesses.
Soti - Paula Simas
Just a quick message to say thank you for being so bloody wonderful to me. Because of yours and Alex’s support, help, guidance and time my life is so different to this time last year and I honestly can’t thank you enough. You’ve helped me in so many ways and given me so much confidence that I can do it and I am good at what I do. You have both helped me to change my life and I am so grateful. Lots of love! Have a happy Saturday! 💕
Emily May